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31 December 2012 @ 12:00 am
Karen aka bitmOO
Hello you, welcome to the journal of this very geeky girl known as bitmOO!
I'm a 24yro illustrator, game artist, toymaker, writer and spazzy fangirl.

In this journal you can find my artworks, portfolio stuff, ranting, writings and
random spazzing. Beware! I'm an indie games, zombies, asian music, sugar
and coffee addict. However, I also love making friends, so feel free to add! ;)
When adding, please introduce yourself and say hi, ok?

My original writings can be found at pluviometrique 
Tumblr: bitmOO, FuckYeahQMI and Kiss觅tang
Twitter: bitmOO (RL) and kyuala (fandom related)
My deviantart: bitmOO